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“All Food And No Play”: Foodie Homage to “The Shining”

Sweet Twins: A cupcake version of “the Grady twins” in The Overlook Hotel’s hallway as blood is pouring down the walls.

Creative couple, Davide Luciano (photographer) and Claudia Ficca (food stylist), explore the world of horror and fête the 35th anniversary of Kubrick’s The Shining with their newest collaboration — All Food And No Play. Luciano and Ficca’s photographic series pays a foodie homage to The Shining’s most iconic scenes, places, and characters, all re-imagined with a food element.

1LaPEArinth: A rendition of The Overlook Maze created with fresh peas.

3Dull Cherry Pie: Wendy discovers that Jack made Cherry Pies covered with the words “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”.

4Jack’s Frozen Heart: Jack’s heart is frozen in an ice block in the Lapearinth.

REDRUM soup: Danny spells out REDRUM in his alphabet soup.

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