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Book of the Month – Heart-Shaped Box


Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (2007)

Jude Coyne, a middle aged heavy-metal star, is obsessed with the occult. “When Danny Wooten, his personal assistant, told him there was a ghost for sale on the Internet and asked did he want to buy it, Jude didn’t even need to think.” A heart-shaped package shows up, it contains nothing but an old raggedy suit. However, it isn’t long before the suit brings about unexplained events throughout Coyne’s mansion.


Heart-Shaped Box (which takes its title from a Nirvana song ) is the debut horror novel of author Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son. This is a fast paced ghost story with excellent character characterization and a vicious ghost villain. On the down-side, towards the end, the novel unravels from horror/mystery to a campy dark fantasy. Ultimately, Heart-Shaped Box is an engrossing read with eerie moments, music references and intriguing/raw characters. A dark tale about fathers and sons, revenge and  redemption. It may not be the scariest book around, but one that you will not be able to put down.

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