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Gelo – Luis e Gonçalo Galvão Teles – Port- 106’- WORLDWIDE PREMIERE
Born of  DNA from body of the ice age , Catherine grows in an isolated palace and is subjected to various tests . Years later , the past finds her.  With Ivana Baquero , actress of ” Pan’s Labyrinth ” of Gullermo del Toro , and with Afonso Pimentel , Albano Jerónimo , Ivo Canelas , Ruth Gabriel


Korser – Vincent Desgrippes , Gillian Devaux , Jessie Hereng , Guillaume Menard , Emeric Saint- Germain , Tangi Vaillant – 3’46 ” – Fra – P & P
On 18th century seas, legends of privateers rise and fall to the sounds of cannons.


into the forest

Ellen Page (“Inception”; Juno) and Evan Rachel Wood

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Into the Forest – Patrícia Rozema- 102’- Can – P&P
A night not to be missed . In a not too distant future , two women who live in a remote forest discover that the world is on the brink of apocalypse.

The Nesting – Quinn Saunders- 86’ – USA – P&P
When Doug’s fiancée dies in an accident, he goes to an isolated cottage. His health will be put to the test and reveal a secret that the deceased took the coffin.

Livin’ Out Rock ‘n’ Roll – Paolo Sedazzari – 62’ – USA / UK/ Alem
Documentary about the forgotten history of the London rock in the ’80s. The history of Babysitters and the Last of Teenage Idols, told by those who survived them.

Dame Bellette – Théophile Belle, Servane Boutrouelle, Laure Levacher, Amelie-Sylvaine Ponce, Virgil Pichet, Jordan Voisin- 3’47’’ – Fra – P&P
She does not dress or glass shoes… but all will die of love for her.

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