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TOP 5 KIM KI DUK’s Films

The ISle Kim Ki Duk
Kim Ki Duk’s films are shocking and purposely hostile towards the viewer, but simultaneously accomplished and often gratifying as works of art. But beware Kim Ki Duk’s films are not for the faint of heart and not for the faint of mind either.

My five favorite Kim films are below:

1. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . . and Spring (2003)
“A Buddhist monk’s coming-of-age is complicated by sex. Who can’t relate to that? A beautifully told tale of how knowledge changes as we age.”

2. 3-Iron (2004)
“The silent character is a signature of Kim’s film and here he gives us two. The doubled symbol heightens Kim’s idea that the most important things in life aren’t expressed in dialogue and lessens the dramatic tension. A fair trade.”

3. The Isle (2000)
“Love really is an extreme state when you think about it but the quiet, pragmatic prostitute at this lakeside vacation resort takes her expression of devotion to a “oh, no she didn’t” extreme that you’ll likely never forget.”

4. Time (2006)
“How much of who we are is what we look like and would we have the same relationships with people if we suddenly looked completely different? Kim explores the topic thoroughly with the help of plastic surgery.”

5. Bad Guy (2001)
“This creepily welcome antidote to Pretty Woman is one of the most disturbed love stories about a pimp and a hooker that you’ll ever see. A really compelling mind-bender. ”



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