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The RING Series Ranked from Worst to Best

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We went down into Sadako’s cursed well, and summoned all the Ring live adaptations, ranked from worst to best. Adapted from Kôji Suzuki’s novel RING and directed by Hideo Nakata, RINGU became the highest grossing horror film in Japan. RINGU’S television scene alone became one of the most iconic moment in horror history. Take a look at our picks below, and let us know your opinion.

11. Sadako 3D (2012)


This unnecessary entry in the series suffers from an embarrassing villain, some silly CGI and a Sadako with insectly distorted legs!!!

10. Sadako 2 3D (2013)

Sadako2 3d.jpg

Better than SADAKO 3D. Decent acting, better story but still illogical.


9. The Ring Virus (1999)


The Korean remake of the Japanese film. Less scarier and effective than its predecessor but more faithful to the book. A slow-burner with a weak payoff.


8. The Ring Two (2005)


An unnecessary sequel to the thrilling American version of the series, directed by Hideo Nakata (RINGU, RINGU 2). Bland and uninspiring, with some clever ideas that never go full circle.

7. Ring: The Final Chapter and Rasen- Tv Series (1999)


A fresh take on the series. Suspenseful for the first half of the season but suffers from poor production values. Just don’t expect any scares from this one, it is a drama with supernatural elements.

6. Rings – Short Movie (2005)


The background idea in Rings is that people are using the cursed tape as an hallucinatory drug, essentially playing Russian Roulette with Samara deadly powers. An underused, original and immensely effective concept.

5. Rasen (1998)


RINGU and its sequel RASEN were released in Japan at the same time. After their release, Ring became an enormous success while Rasen floundered. Due to the poor response to RASEN, RINGU 2 was made as a new sequel, and so RASEN became the “forgotten sequel”.
Not as scary as the original, but complex with an interesting sci-fi approach to the ring mythology.


4. Ringu 2 (1999)

ringu 2.jpg

Like RASEN, RINGU 2 picks up just after the events of the original RINGU. It is an uneven but strong sequel full of exciting and thrilling moments for the fans: psychic powers to the full, a high-tech exorcism and Sadako’s most creepy appearances.


3. Ringu 0: Birthday (2000)


Beautiful and haunting psychological drama taking place 30 years before the events of RINGU. We delve into the tragic story of Sadako Yamamura and how she became the vengeful spirit we all know.


2. The Ring (2002)

the ring 2002.jpg

Superbly translated to western audiences, RINGU’S American remake is atmospheric, unsettling and scary. This is how a remake is done.


1. Ringu (1998)


The original and the best film of the The Ring series. Unlike THE RING, RINGU avoids any cheap jump scares. This is an effective and creepy slow-burner, with an unmissable bone chilling climax.

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